A New Deck Increases Your Home’s Value

If you are considering adding a outside deck or patio to your home, this is a great decision for many reasons. Adding an additional living and recreational space to your home will not only provides your family and friends extra space to enjoy your home, but it will also add additional value to your home.

Deck Considerations:

Now that you have decided to hire a local contractor to help you design and build a deck or outdoor living space for your home, you will want to discuss and consider the following:

First, decide on the size, shape and height of the deck. Remember to consider how you plan to use the deck, location and terrain, how many people it should accommodate and the furniture you wish to place on the deck. The level and height are very important considerations because the levels and height you choose will help you maximize the deck space. This will also make it easier for you to add and organize your furniture.

Second, think about your entry and exit points for the deck including the stairway design and width.

Third, think about location, location, location. When and where does the shade hit your home and on what side. When adding your new deck to your home, you should decide when you wish the sun to be exposed to your deck. If you have too much sun exposure, then a covering or awning may be a consideration to think about.

Who Will Build Your Deck?

This author feels you should hire a reputable local licensed contractor to build your deck.

There are many legal provisions that are required such as the necessary plans and permits for adding a deck. A licensed contractor will be able to draft a plan to help you visualize what your deck will look like and have the necessary licenses and permits in place to make it a reality. Contact us today to learn more.